Competitive Advantage

We’ve all seen them for sale at track & field meets.  Tie-dye shirts that scream “Track is Life”.  Intending to mean that competitive success requires sacrifice and devoted attention to training, this simple statement also connotes that competition serves as a potent educator for the race of life.  But what it teaches you depends on your vantage point.   […]

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Who’s The Boss?

Miss a pass? Your ass is grass. Forget the play? After practice you’ll stay. Talk back to me? It’s your lunch we will see. Show up tardy? Perfect time for a punishment party! Who remembers reciting this sacred oath when becoming a card-carrying member of the coaching profession? Nope, me either. Yet we still find […]

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Regardless of sport, all athletes should train for endurance.  No, I have not forgotten to consider the physiological ramifications that result from cellular-signaling and the interference phenomenon.  While certainly valid points, a counter-argument can be made that a lack of stamina leads to an increased sensitivity to interference.  Interference that results from noise.  Noise that […]

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Let’s Get High……

So high we have the clearest of clarity.  Clarity on what, I really don’t know….but all the cool kids are buzzing about the new dope: high performance training facilities. What? You don’t have the budgetary resources necessary to loft yourself above the competition? Then how can you guarantee victory to your athletes?   Exhale, keep […]

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Thanksgiving is for Losers

Turkey, stuffing, casseroles, and all things pumpkin.  While incorrect, it’s easy to believe that these satiating symbols define a successful Thanksgiving. As most of us sit around the cornucopia of food that accompanies this holiday, homage will be paid to all of the obvious possessions and blessings we have in our life.  However, being grateful […]

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If You Fall,

I will not catch you.  It’s not that I want you to falter, but letting go is the only way to make sure you learn how to support yourself. The Falling Start is a metaphor to life.  While this is not a discussion on speed development, I often employ this exercise to help athletes understand […]

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The Convenience of Excellence

Tanya always knew how to win a race with flair, sprinting hard enough off of the curve so she could begin the victory lap around the 360-meter mark. On October 21, 2016 Tanya Harris Fleming continued that victory lap as she ran her way into the UNC Asheville Athletics Hall of Fame as a result of […]

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Expiration Dates and Giants

There are two things that are certain:  birth and death.  Of these certainties, death reminds us that everything has an expiration date.  Most often, expiration dates give us an opportunity to pace our consumption and/or approximate the shelf life of perishable goods.  (Un)Fortunately, Father Time does not stamp us with an expiration date upon arrival, […]

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Rules of Engagement

I don’t hand out a rulebook.  Rules, those pesky “do or do not” statements that authorize and initiate boundaries.  Boundaries that delineate coach from athlete, and perhaps, athlete from ownership.  Ownership over a developmental process that will eventually require autonomy.  Autonomy resulting from the paint that outlines and barricades every coach’s box or sideline.  That […]

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