Let’s Get High……


So high we have the clearest of clarity.  Clarity on what, I really don’t know….but all the cool kids are buzzing about the new dope: high performance training facilities.

What? You don’t have the budgetary resources necessary to loft yourself above the competition? Then how can you guarantee victory to your athletes?  

Exhale, keep your perspective, and just say no.  No to falling down the rabbit hole of more square footage, electronics, costly logos, and the daily grind of uploading hype videos to the World Wide Web required to market (in hopes of paying off) the ever-growing inventory.

A FACILITY only serve one purpose: to FACILITATE the culture.  A culture that is built from the FACILITATOR’s vision.  And that vision is grounded within your coaching staff. A vision that is never clouded by the mirage a brick & mortar “box full of toys” promises to deliver.

Before you recklessly jump into the athletic-arms race under the influence of peer-pressure, remember that the vision is coach-driven.  Without the clarity provided by experienced designated-drivers, your high will eventually come crashing down as you get caught in the dust and smoke of your competition.

A crash that is worse for those that set their beliefs and future on a well-equipped gym with little-to no leadership.  Without the right people, the sober truth is your “high” performance center is only a hallucination.