Heart of the Matter

It starts and ends in the same place:  the heart.  Not the 4-chambered muscle that keeps you alive, rather that central purpose which gives you a reason to live. As a father, my heart naturally belongs to my family.  Almost every choice I make is guided by their present and future needs.  These decisions, regardless of difficulty, rarely end […]

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Sport Science is Dead

  Hip Hop is dead and so is sport science. Teams are finally starting to monitor training load, quantitatively measure recovery, and hire professionals who are tasked with translating this data & communicate their findings to coaches in hopes of creating actionable change.  All this & I’m over here quoting Nas, who 10 years ago, wrote the […]

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Loyalty Lives Here

  Brick is stronger than straw, just ask the wolf. It’s a shame those little red building blocks get all the credit, since they would have likely fallen if it wasn’t for the mortar that adhered those individual units into one immovable object. Without mortar, bricks eventually become disjointed. Lacking uniformity, the bricks fail to […]

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All About Dat Mass

While sprint speed is a great marker within talent identification, it may not provide us with an accurate and realistic understanding of how that athlete will perform in sports where an external load must be tolerated and overcome, such as bobsled. As such, sprint momentum (velocity x body mass) allows us to fully gauge push […]

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“They’re all doing it anyway, right”? “Doing what”? “You know, steroids”. Unfortunately, I have been cornered with this supposition more frequently than I would like over the past few months in light of the Russian doping scandal. This question is ignorant, disrespectful, & dismissive, yet speaks volumes to why the IOC should have used more […]

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Athlete’s Little Helpers

If Snow White were an athlete, she needs only to rely on 3 dwarves. (1) Diligence: the act of giving careful attention; (2) Persistence: the mindset to never give up, regardless of adversity or hardship; (3) Resilience: the ability to overcome and quickly recover from a setback. Combined, these qualities serve an athlete well over […]

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