Thanksgiving is for Losers

Turkey, stuffing, casseroles, and all things pumpkin.  While incorrect, it’s easy to believe that these satiating symbols define a successful Thanksgiving.

As most of us sit around the cornucopia of food that accompanies this holiday, homage will be paid to all of the obvious possessions and blessings we have in our life.  However, being grateful in what has been won, achieved, or been gifted is considerably pain-free.  These items are accessible and quick to recall for proud-inventorying without obstructive thought.

In contrast, taking time to show thanks for many of life’s servings of humble pie may be of more value. While uncomfortable, demonstrating appreciation for past defeat requires an acknowledgement of that which you do not have, but want(ed) nonetheless.

Though seemingly difficult, reflecting on those short-comings (and glaring gaps in your trophy-case) will highlight the path of your personal evolution.  A path that, in hindsight, shows what you once perceived as stumbling blocks actually served as stepping-stones.  Stepping-stones that transformed into platforms for second chances. Second chances that bring about a greater likelihood of future success.

Success that is not strictly defined by victory, but how one responds to failure.